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Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Objectives

Note:  This is a general lesson plan and it can be customized to your specific needs based on experience, age, and other factors.

Typical Lesson Plan

1.  Understand by demonstrating all interior controls of the vehicle before starting

2.  Understand how to properly adjust the seat and rear-view mirrors

3.  Demonstrate the proper hand positions on the steering wheel (10 & 2 - 9 & 3 positions)

4.  Demonstrate both the hand-over-hand and push-pull method of turning

5.  Use appropriate judgement techniques while the vehicle is in motion in order to make correct right and left turns

6.  Scan the mirrors, speedometer, road, other vehicles, land surroundings in a cyclical manner (Smith System)

1.  Review concepts of previous lesson

2.  Learn time, distance management
      a) 4 second rule (following another vehicle)
      b) 12 second rule (scanning road ahead)

3.  Identify road signs and explain their meanings
     a)  emphasizing school bus and school zone regulations
     b)  emphasizing the importance of marked cross walks

4.  Perform a three-point turn

1.   Review concepts of previous lesson

2.  Perform lane changes
     a)  using mirrors correctly
     b)  identify blind spots

3.  Conduct parallel, angle, and perpendicular parking by demonstration

4.  Understand the IPDE (Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute) process

1.  Review the IPDE process

2.  Recognize various weaknesses of his/her driving skills

3.  Emphasize improving the various recognized weaknesses

1.  Drive successfully on a high-speed roadway

2.  Understand completely the concept of following distances

3.  Review proper passing techniques and understanding the importance blind spots as previously introduced in Step 3

1.  Prepare for the driver examination test

2.  Review all phases of proper and safe driving

3.  Understand the importance of safe and defensive driving

4.  Never assume or demand the right of way and always be prepared to yield

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